Wilmington UUs Tell NCGA – Invest in People, Not Corporations!

On May 2nd, members of the UU Congregation of Wilmington traveled on a bus to Raleigh to participate in the NC Budget and Tax Center’s Our Dollars, Our Future Advocacy Day. They met with our local representatives or their legislative assistants to talk about the state budget and where we thought our tax dollars should be spent.

Rev. Lisa Garcia-Sampson also spoke at a press conference as part of the day’s events. ”

“A budget is a moral document. It tells a story about who we are, what we value, and what we need to thrive. Right now the powerful few who are drafting this budget are feeding us a false narrative – justifying a lack of investment in NC as fiscally responsible. But is in actuality, they are ignoring their moral responsibilities to the people of this state. In the spirit of our state motto – “To be, rather than to seem.” I urge you to interrogate this story that the General Assembly is telling us about the way they spend our money. I urge you to take to heart the stories that have been told today. And I also urge you to interrogate the limits of your imagination for what is possible – with the abundant financial resources at our fingertips.

  • Let us actually be a place of world class health care for all of us.
  • Let us be among the best places in the country to work – based on wages, and worker’s rights.
  • Let us truly be a place of world class education for all the children of NC.

Friends, this movement of North Carolinians united by this vision – is more powerful than we can even imagine. May we believe, really, truly believe, that a new North Carolina is possible if only we have the moral courage to create it.”

Members of the UU Congregation of Wilmington at May’s Our Dollars, Our Future Advocacy Day