Congregational Partners

UU Justice NC is proud to work in close partnership with Unitarian Universalist congregations across the state to cultivate a network of support and harness our power of over 5,000 UUs to powerfully contribute to the movement for justice and liberation.

If your congregation is interested in becoming an official UU Justice NC Partner Congregation please reach out to Rev. Lisa Garcia-Sampson at

UU Justice NC’s Congregational Partnership Agreement 

UU Justice NC’s Commitment to Partner Congregations 
  • Organize opportunities for spiritually grounded direct action on issues including but not limited to racial, environmental, economic, immigrant and electoral justice.
  • Offer opportunities for education, leadership/skills development and spiritual growth.   
  • Provide your congregation with regular updates and resources pertaining to state and national issues, legislation, and calls to action.
  • Support your congregation in connecting with state justice partners, national UU justice organizations and fellow UU congregations in North Carolina
  • Include information about your congregation on
UU Justice NC asks Partner Congregation to:
  • Promote and foster engagement with UU Justice NC within your congregation.
  • Participate in State-Wide UU Justice NC Campaigns (Example - UU the Vote 2022) when aligned with interest and bandwidth of your congregation.
  • Designate a congregational liaison to be the primary contact for UU Justice NC. This role includes receiving weekly leaders' emails and helping to discern how and if the church will share information and engage in UU Justice NC actions, campaigns, etc.
  • Make an annual contribution to UU Justice NC between ¼ to ½ of 1% of your annual operating budget through a budget line-item, a special collection, etc. ***Or make a good faith effort to reach this level within two years.
  • Meet with UU Justice NC at the start of each church year to renew our partnership.
  • Be open to having UU Justice NC guest preach at your congregation occasionally (one every few years).