Join the Raleigh Rally Squad!

Introducing the Raleigh Rally Squad!


Now more than ever, we need to be organized and ready to show up at our state capital when our partners call us to action for our democracy, our earth, reproductive justice, racial justice, Medicaid Expansion, and so much more. UU Justice NC is excited to create this "Rally Squad" of UUs who are in relatively close proximity to Raleigh and wish to receive notifications about rallies, protests and vigils in our state's capital. Sign up for the Rally Squad here!

This is much more than just a listserv. It's a community of UUs ready to turn out and powerfully represent our faith - all while deepening our relationships with one another and our beloved justice partners. This community will also help UUs to have a positive experience at rallies in Raleigh.

When we promote an event, we will also note an optional meet-up location and time (approximately 15 minutes before the event) so that we can briefly enjoy fellowship and receive any necessary information to help us participate safely, powerfully and appropriately.