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UU The Vote 2024


In 2020 UU the Vote became the largest activation of UUs in the history of our faith. In 2022 we went even further! 22 NC UU congregations can together to reach out to over 70,000 NC Voters of color in partnership with Reclaim Our Vote, Carolina Jews for Justice and the New North Carolina Project.


On Tuesday, May 14th at 7:00pm. join us for the official kick-off of our 2024 UU the Vote Campaign. We will be joined by National UU the Vote Organizer, Nora Rasman, Carolina Jews for Justice Executive Director, Abby Lublin, and other guests from our partner organizations across NC. In 2024, we know that hate and anti-democratic values will be on the ballot in our local, state, and national elections. Let's get ready to UU the Vote! Register for 5/14 here!


A note about our Electoral work. UU Justice NC lives into our mission as a prophetic, but not partisan 501 c3 non-profit through values-driven advocacy to create more equity, and affirms the worth and dignity of all people. (Example – advocating for Medicaid Expansion, fighting against voter suppression  bills, etc.). We work to hold elected officials accountable but never endorse political candidates. This is consistent with the work of our larger UU faith, and is within the legal parameters of both our organization and UU congregations. For more information see:


2024 UU Drag Story Hour Program!

Through a generous $21,000 grant from the UU Funding Program, UU Justice NC is proud to support LGBTQ Inclusion and Advocacy through our UU Drag Story Hour Project. The Goals of project are to:
  • Provide children with the opportunity to experience the imagination and play of gender fluidity and glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models - at a time when content about LGBTQ identities is banned in NC public schools K- grade 4.
  • Help strengthen your congregation’s presence as a beacon of progressive religious values in your community at a time where religion is too often being used as the basis of hateful threats to the safety and rights of LGBTQ+ people.
  • Provide your congregations with the support and resources to develop a deeper understanding of the threats that exist locally / in North Carolina, and practice discerning  how/when your congregation takes risks in service to the movement. Unfortunately, we know that our congregations will have to navigate increased threats and take on more risk in the coming years

Contact Drag Story Hour Organizer, Mackenzie Reedybacon at

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Reproductive Justice

In 2023, Unitarian Universalists across North Carolina showed up to fight for our reproductive rights in the face of the monster abortion ban, SB20. UU Justice NC was proud to partner with Pro-Choice NC, Planned Parenthood, SACRED and others in writing postcards and Letters to the Editor, making hundreds of phone calls, and showing up at rallies and lobby days fight for bodily autonomy.

With the passage of SB20, and abortion access significantly reduced in out state (and across the south) we are called to work in deep partnership with the Carolina Abortion Fund and the 14 abortion clinics across our state through our volunteer time, our continued advocacy, and financial contributions.

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The Leandro Plan

The North Carolina constitution guarantees that all children in our state have access to a sound, basic education. However, since 1994 and the Leandro v.State of North Carolina case, the courts have consistently found that our state is failing to meet those minimum standards. This is a violation of our children’s constitutional rights, and it’s morally unacceptable.

UU Justice NC is proud to be a part of the state-wide movement calling on our state legislature to fully fund the Leandro Comprehensive Remedial Plan to ensure that every child has access to a sound basic education by 2028. We are active members of the Every Child NC Coalition and are also proud to partner with Pastors for NC Children. To learn more about the Leandro Plan, check out these Narrative Arts short films:

You can also use the Leandro District Budget to see how full funding of the Leandro plan would impact your county’s school districts.

Join the Friday Action Hour Community

Join us every Friday at 11:00am on Zoom for Friday Action Hour! Every week, UU's and justice partners across the state gather to recap the past week and take action on the issues impacting our state and country. And there is always great music to help us feel the justice movement in our bones! All are welcome! Join us via Zoom and sign up for our weekly Friday Action Hour Email